Midlantic Engineering

Midlantic Engineering provides solutions to geotechnical challenges. When a construction project is in its initial planning phase, Midlantic Engineering is a valuable team member. We provide cost-effective engineering and construction strategies developed to save money both during construction and throughout the lifespan of the project.

Midlantic has developed an expert scope in the specific geotechnical demands of our region. Our clients look to Midlantic’s engineers for timely solutions that address the future needs and past history of development sites. With three decades of geotechnical experience in this region and beyond, our experts develop solutions that keep a project on track and within budget.

Quality construction requires a system of documentation and assurance testing. Midlantic Engineering plays an important role in this process by providing the professional engineering services, construction documentation, and materials testing that help ensure the quality for your project.

Our geotechnical services include a wide range of industry specialities. All services are supported by our nationally certified materials testing laboratory.